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By using the ClickToplist website, you accept and agree with the menu items indicated in the policy !!:

1. The ClickToplist website has received an SSL certificate !
This affects older users who launch the page based on a shortcut or bookmark.
From now on the full web address:

2. Information requested in the message:
I never ask for a login name or access code in a message!! If you receive such a message on my behalf then someone wants to spoof your information.

3. By registering, you have accepted the following:
(Cookies) The website system sends cookies to the computers of registered users, which is used to identify the users of the website.

4. Stored information:
The system stores user-entered data, IP address, and browser information, as well as user account information.

5. Privacy security:
The system and its operator shall ensure that members' details are not divulged. The data is stored in a database, which is continuously saved.

6. Own responsibility:
Your own account, your own responsibility. Never give your password to anyone! ClickToplist never asks for your password in any electronic or non-electronic form.

7. Individual decision departure:
Users may at any time request the termination of their membership and, at the same time, the permanent deletion of their data.

8. Reserved rights:
I reserve the right to ban any user. Reasons for the ban include: providing false information, multiple registrations from the same IP, attempted fraud. These rights are for the security of the site, I never ban anyone for no reason.

9. Behavior:
I reward inappropriate behavior or manifestation by awarding a yellow card. You will be notified immediately as a user. If you are unwilling to change your behavior, an additional yellow card is your reward. Anyone who collects 5 yellows will be deleted automatically and without question. These restrictions are for the advancement of the site. By attending an active attitude, the collected yellow card can be deleted ...
By accepting the policy, you also accept that you regularly visit the website and work regularly (click), thus earning money. If you do not like it or do not want to work, please do not register on the site, because you will only receive the yellow cards and your account will be liquidated..

10. Payment:
Payment from $1. The payment deadline is a maximum of 5 working days. Payment is currently only possible to a PayPal account.

11. Manage payment receipt:
All users are obliged to upload the payment receipt as soon as they have received the payment! For those who don't know how, see the PROOF page for a more detailed description. If it still doesn't work, ask for help / csabika84 or even me /. Whoever does not want to, and refuses to top up as a result of the 4th summons, will be penalized. ->
- First, Second, Third, Fourth call by e-mail!
- After the Fourth Prompt, I will be activating the blocking of clickable ads for 5 days!
- If the user uploads the document within 3 days, I will disable the block..
- If you still refuse to upload, I will extend the blocking of ads for 10 days!

- Anyone who is unable to behave as required by the rules will have their account terminated with immediate effect!!!!

12. Invited Bonus:
If an invitee receives a payment, you will receive 10% of the payment amount to your account.

13. Referral click:
The referral clique has been introduced. Value of $0.002 for a standard click. / Credited immediately ../

14. Deposit:
Payments to the site (purchase of advertising or membership) cannot be refunded. I will not accept any complaints after the purchase. All requests will be checked. When you submit ads, pages that promote adult content or any illegal activity will be deleted immediately! If you encounter a problem, send a message via the connection menu item. Payment is currently only possible from a Paypal account.

15. Change:
ClickToplist reserves the right to change or supplement the policy.
ClickToplist website is the sole owner of joksystem!

16. What was the purpose of the website?
The purpose of the website is a survey on the topic of earning money and behaviors.

17. When did this website start?
The ClickToplist website was launched on 20.02.2021..

18. After I asked for my money, I got less. Why?
When you ask for your money, I will check the accuracy of your information. If I find everything is fine, I will refund the requested amount through the appropriate online bank branch. (Paypal) For E-bank transfers, the online bank branch may charge a transfer fee and this will be calculated into the transfer amount in such a way that the amount does not change "numerically". As a result, the amount transferred is less because the transfer charge is deducted. This is the so-called "fees" cost that the online bank branch "swallows". This occurs when the online bank branch does not count the transaction as a "gift." When transferring, I always check the gift address so that there is no deduction from the amount. You can read more about this in the description of your Paypal account. But there are also many descriptions on the Internet ...
Unfortunately, lately PayPal is used to "pulling down" .. When transferring to an address used abroad, I have to pay the full amount as a "transfer fee" and even if you think you deduct the "fees" fee from the user. The expensive.

19. What do I do if I can't find the answer to my question?
In this case, write via the contact menu item. I will answer your question within 24 hours.

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