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Login to the website

On this page you can log in to the website.
You enter the data in the appropriate field, you click on the login button to log in to the website.
- Username : Enter a username. / maximum 15 characters /
- Password : Enter password / maximum 30 characters /
- Login : After filling in the appropriate fields, you can enter a web page by clicking the button.
Exit the website
- Press the Logout button to exit the system.
- I would like to draw the attention of all users to the use of the Logout button, because pressing the button will log out the user, at the same time disconnect the user and the web server. This is important because it also resets the entries in the "cookies" used for communication. In short, it leaves no "attack surface" ...
- At login, the cookies set by the system operate at 1-hour intervals. After a while, the system will exit automatically.
Registration process
On this page you can register on our website.
By filling in the appropriate fields / as appropriate / and then clicking on the register button, the system will save the entered data. It is possible to change the data, but the username cannot be changed. E-bank e-mail addresses are entered as accurately as possible, because payment is made to these accounts when payment is made. The data you enter is confidential, I will not disclose it to anyone in any way!
- Username : Enter a username. / maximum 15 characters /
- Password : Enter password / maximum 30 characters /
- Confirm password : Enter password / maximum 30 characters /
- E-mail : Enter email address / maximum 50 characters /
- Confirm E-mail : Enter email address / maximum 50 characters /
- PayPal E-mail : Enter Paypal email address / maximum 50 characters /
- Referrer : Whose link you are registering with ... / maximum 15 characters /
- Rules : Accept the rules
- Security code : Enter security code.
- Register : Clicking the button will save the entered data.
Home page.
When you press the button, you can return to the home page.
View Ads
You can view the ads here, and after viewing them you will receive the reward for it.
To start the ad, click on the title of the ad, then look through the ad in the window that appears. At the top of the window, a counter measures the time and acknowledges the advertisement after the prescribed time. When 'Done' and the green 'OK' button are activated, the corresponding amount will be credited to your account when you press the button.
- Current number of ad : You can view this number of ads.
- The color of the MINI ads is blue.
- STANDARD ads are red.
- BONUS ads are green.
- The ads you are viewing are displayed in black.
- "Ad focus" is off when viewing ads.
- I will reward any poking with punishment !!
My profile
This page contains your own data.
Here you can see a summary of yourself.
- Yellow card : Number of yellow cards if you were penalized.
- Account balance : The amount of your account balance.
- Payment so far : The amount paid to you so far.
- Date of registration : When you registered on our site.
- Last login time : When was the last time you entered.
- E-mail : My email address.
- PayPal e-mail :Your PayPal internet banking address.
- Registered IP : What was your IP address when you registered.
- Logged in IP : Your current IP address.
- Sponsor name : Whose link did you sign up with?
- Website visits : How many ads you clicked on the website.
- Payments : List of your payments - Date, Disbursed amount, E-bank.
- Number of referrals : Number of registrants with your link - Username, Date.
- Banner image : Image of a website banner.
- URL code : Your referral URL.
- HTML code : The HTML code of your referral title.
- System messages : System message, all users can see.
- My messages : Custom message for the recipient user.
Request Payment
Once you have reached the minimum payment amount, you can request a payment.
When the payout minimum is reached /$1/, you can request the money to your PayPal account. Therefore, be sure to enter the correct E-bank address. I cannot accept an error or complaint due to inaccuracy! The requested amount will be transferred to your 'Pending' account and then, after verification, if everything is OK, it will be transferred to the online bank branch you provided. The payment time is a maximum of 5 working days.
- Minimum payment : The minimum amount that can be requested on the website.
- Account balance : Your own account balance.
- BANK account : Where you ask for the amount.
- Request : Clicking the button will process the data.
- After payment, upload the image of the document, the character set of the uploaded image file is NORMAL. / Without accents !! /
- If anyone has a problem with their PayPal account, please contact me and we will resolve the issue.
On this page you will receive information about posting and launching Banner ads.
Setting up your ads is quick and easy. The fees can be read from the table. BANNER ads can be seen by members and outsiders alike. You do not need to create an account, just fill in the appropriate form and pay the appropriate fee. Once reviewed, your ad will be active within 24 hours. BANNER ads are loaded per page. This means that the ad will be replaced as each new page is loaded. Hundreds visit our website every day, so the number of downloads can be hundreds per day.
We will not accept to websites that promote adult content or illegal activities!
These sites will be deleted immediately!

- PayPal E-mail : Your PayPal internet banking address. / maximum 50 characters /
- Advertising plan : Here you choose the right method for your advertising plan. / Day / Price /
- URL : The URL of your BANNER ad. / maximum 75 characters /
- BANNER : The title of the BANNER image. / maximum 150 characters /
- Security code : Enter a verification code.
- Order : Clicking here will register the application.
Frequently Asked Questions. + How to use ..
- How do I use it : --> You are reading this now.

Here are the rules.
Here are the rules for the site. It is worth reading ..

Here is a collection of payment receipts.
Here you can send a message about the page.
Here you can send a message about the page. Response up to 24 hours.
- Your name : Contact name or address / maximum 50 characters /
- Youl E-mail adress : Enter email address / maximum 100 characters /
- Message field : Message text /maximum 200 characters/
- Security code : Enter security code.
- Send message : Clicking the button will save the entered data.
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